Thursday, March 10, 2011

to be free

I love to feel and be free, and you? That is why I love great outdoors and mountains. I love this feeling - so powerfull and like flying. I like when plane take off - this moment I feel freedom and everything inside me is happy :)

What do you like? What kind of freedom?



  1. I can't wait until it's warm and I can go hiking and camping! That is freedom to me.

  2. I can't wait to start spring planting in my garden :D

  3. The days where I take off from work. I love having a free day to do anything!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. What a great feeling! I love the freedom of making my own choices and exploring new places.

  5. walking on the beach makes me feel this way. not a care in the world type feeling...

  6. I can't wait to ride bike along the Finnish archipelago! That's freedom to me :) xxx mervi

    Ps. we gave you a blog award! You can see it here:

  7. I love swimming under the sea, there are no sounds at all...

    Can you please have a jump in my blog? today a post whole dedicated to my sister as it's her 16's birthday, and tonight I want her to read al the beautiful comments below it! Can you please add yours if you have time ? thanks :-) Anna <3

  8. Running outside without freezing my ass off! x

  9. I love the freedom given in the comfort of love. When you know no matter what your mood, or what you do the person will be there to love you.



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