Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy & comfort 2011

I wish you all the best for 2011 :)
And happy you're here :)

foto by Miss Indie.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

don't you want to be a kid one more time? do you love being the parent?

sometimes I think I would like to be the kid. And having the kid (wonderful one :)) lets me act like a child in a positive sense sometimes. I have so much fun to play again to be fulish sometimes and this is great! On the other hand I also can create the wonderful world for mychild and this is also great. So I think that being the parent is awesome in spite of the all problems it takes with being one.

What do you think of being the parent?

(foto via nieniedialogues)

Winter days...

love these photos of Ditte Isager! What do you think of them? I like the atmosphere here and colors! :) and this stylish character of the photos... really nice!

Tell me your impressions...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Manuel Villa's Polyhedron House

Do you want some privacy? Do you want something special? Maybe you will be interested in Manuel Villa's House. Colombian architect created this structure to be a child’s playhouse. He was inspired by the way children perceive geometric shapes.And here it is - fantastic and original house with a lot of great details.

Do you like it?

(via Anthology)

Monday, December 27, 2010

really nice idea to decorate your wall... for monday

If you know Shanna Murray you know what I'm talking about. It's simplicity is great, idea is super, and the content are so various and true :) I heart the idea!

I like the second one mostly... I feel it's for me and my Mia :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

yuji obata - wonderful snowflakes

Have you seen these? They are great! I think that they're so magical and I think nature is greater than we can imagine! Photos by Yuji Obata - congrats!

{via exPress-o, thank you Diana}

Paula Hayes - beautiful terrariums

Paula Hayes designs a great terrariums. Like the idea of a seprate world in a bowl. Like to have this one :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

baby's fun hats

really great work of sweetpeatoadtots (Etsy shop). Really heart them :) Like the creativity!

Hope you like it too :)

Etsy findings for today

1. Porcelain cup with translucent bottom from stepanka . This is hand-made cup with an original drawing etched into the clay on both sides, glazed on the inside and part of the outside.
Additionally it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

2. Bookmobile-Dragon Seed from theshophouse. Pearl Buck's novel, "Dragon Seed", published in 1942, is transformed into a silent sculptural. Lovely idea.

3. Chalkboards from dancinggrasshopper. Very cute little chalkboard with a vintage flair! I heart it! :) And it comes with chalk.

4. Stainless Steel Flask with Bicycle illustration from whimsyandink. It’s high quality brushed stainless steel flask and mouth piece. Like the bicycle motive but …what can we drink from this flask while riding the bike? Any idea? :)

5. United States Magnetic Geography Puzzle. It was spotted on PipeDreams2010. Just continental American geography fun and beautiful with this one of a kind laser cut puzzle made from beautiful and reclaimed oak. Each of the 47 pieces is a state (except for Michigan's Upper Peninsula…) and has a small magnet glued to its back. You can put it on your refrigerator. Also the state capitols are indicated by a tiny star. Each piece has the state's two letter abbreviation. Really like the idea. Educational, fun, decorative and simple :)

6. A great photo from the thopmsonfamily. Love it! Isn’t it great?

nice calledar

really great callendar from Etsy spotted on a SureAsBlue. Don't you think it's nice? This are also postcards so you can communicate to somebody what you are doing during the month :)

hope you like it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

drafting photos

These are great photos of Jonathan Quinn. I like the point of view here :) and the focus. And a little rainbows are nice, don't you think?
But look at these yourself:

promissed photo of Mia's playing on the snow

I prosmissed you the photo of our play on the snow. So... here it is... Mia :) my LOVE!

We had a really good time. Tomorrow Mia has her first nativity play in the kindergarden. I'm so nervous & curious :) She will be lady-snowflake. Cute, isn't it?

What a great winter photo

this was found on Etsy - lucysnowphotography.

Tuesday inspiration

Hello today! I hope your week is filled with the great holiday season atmosphere :) I am looking for the xmass and have a special feeling inside me :) nice!

Thank you for visiting my blog everyday more often :) I'm really happy. Please let me know how are you feeling about my blog. Do you like it? Is there anything you want to read about/looking forward to? Please, give me your feedback! I will really appreciate it.

And now some interesting things:
-- American Eagle sweater. Love it, so xmassy & homy :)

-- really nice plaids. So colorful that I think their colors make them wormer :) Like it a lot, especially in a winter time! These are from Bijzond MOOI*

-- and this clock is great. Really nice moving in the space - Manifold Clock from Studio Ve, do you like it? I really do :)

-- and the last but not least... the cute bad from Kate Spade - 'All typed up clyde bag'. Really adore this one! Stylish and funny :) and related to typing thing. I really like typography lately but not as a job (I simply cannot do it :) ) but as a design usage.

Monday, December 20, 2010

playing with your creativity

Hello there in the beginning of holiday week. It's gonna be soon :)

But here is some interesting post from A Cup of Jo. Like the idea of artist Christoph Niemann and his three sons to do something creative with cookie dough. How great is this? I really like it and think that everyone can do it for example with your children. And it doesn't have to some special dough, for example it can be salt dough (salt, flour and water). You can create everything, and it can be a play to guess what we are doing :)

See the great creations:


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