Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have you ever had Twiggy eyes?

I have to try it. Especially because I have really similar hair style since 2 weeks :)

I will try to this kind of make up and share with you :)
What do you think?

Please, share with me - did you do something just for try how it will look on you? Something characteristic for top models, celebrieties, big fishes? :-)


  1. I love her huge eyes, if you ever do try that style, please post a pic, would love to see you!

  2. Twiggy has really pretty eyes! I love how she does her eye makeup. I've never really experimented with make up but I have always admired ladies who knows how to wear em.

  3. Love the look on Twiggy!

    I would look very scary "Clockwork Orange" is I tried to pull off that look!

  4. yes, post a pic! i am horribly clutzy when it comes to eyeliner so i'll probably just stick with mascara.

  5. I've been giving the slight cat-eye look a whirl with liquid eyeliner. Trying Twiggy's look would be epic!

  6. Twiggy eyes are the coolest. No, I have not, but I sure ought to try. Looks relatively easy!

    Love your blog. REALLY.

    Just a Silhouette

  7. I love 60-ies make up! But don't think I'm quite as daring to pull off falsies on bottom lashes.



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