Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Life

Hi there...

I know it seems like I'd disappear but no... I needed some time to rebuild what I'd broken, what I'd lost, rebuild myself and my spine to get back to the right point. I know it sounds mysterious. Maybe some day there will be some kind of confession here on the Apple Tea.

Now I have to say something really nice: I AM PREGNANT! I will start the 7th month soon. Feel great, of course not always, but almost always! :-)

So have a nice day and be happy with me!!

(photo source: http://pinterest.com/olaa/)


  1. congratulations.. that is amazing news. Take Care.

  2. How exciting! I was just catching up on some old blog buddies as I prep to return to blogging, and was delighted to see this post of yours. Many congratulations, and hope you're feeling great in the final months of pregnancy!

  3. congratulations on the new start of your new life!!



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