Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday inspiration

Hello today! I hope your week is filled with the great holiday season atmosphere :) I am looking for the xmass and have a special feeling inside me :) nice!

Thank you for visiting my blog everyday more often :) I'm really happy. Please let me know how are you feeling about my blog. Do you like it? Is there anything you want to read about/looking forward to? Please, give me your feedback! I will really appreciate it.

And now some interesting things:
-- American Eagle sweater. Love it, so xmassy & homy :)

-- really nice plaids. So colorful that I think their colors make them wormer :) Like it a lot, especially in a winter time! These are from Bijzond MOOI*

-- and this clock is great. Really nice moving in the space - Manifold Clock from Studio Ve, do you like it? I really do :)

-- and the last but not least... the cute bad from Kate Spade - 'All typed up clyde bag'. Really adore this one! Stylish and funny :) and related to typing thing. I really like typography lately but not as a job (I simply cannot do it :) ) but as a design usage.


  1. I have that typewriter bag and love it! It is so cute and I get compliments everyday!

  2. Cute :) I also think that this bag is awesome :)



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