Monday, February 21, 2011

Life changes? Yes, please.

I had some blue-feeling days lately. Felt like my live is going too fast and it’s too routine. And I wanted to complain but on the other hand I know that anybody but me creates this life. Of course, there are some things that I have to do. But why I don’t change it to do not only what I have to do but also what I like to do. I know it’s not easy. And it’s rather rare. But it’s possible, right? So I’ve got a plan to make some changes in my life. When the detailed agenda will be ready I share it with you :)
Are you the type of to-do-list or chaotic plan or something else? I am like the weather. One time I am the to-do-list planning person, the other time I love chaos. And you? What do you like? To be organized or to be spontaneous?
Many questions I think. But that’s how it looks like Ola’s thinking :)

Have a delicious week.

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  1. I've been feeling the same for the past few days. I don't know what's come over me but I miss the life I could have, you know? The saying that you can't expect change if you keep doing the same thing over and over again keeps getting to me. I love lists so much, but I find that when I make big plans, they never go through. I hope you and I both can get out of this hole soon!

  2. I know the feeling - have also had a few difficult days - but it helps when the weather is great and the sun gives you the power back.
    I would love to be more organized but I creative people like you and me tend to have a messy desk and a inner need to be spontaneous.
    You have a great blog and it's great to follow you - hope you will find the changes you need (I just went from blond to dark reed hair color - and it feels great )



  3. A very thoughtful post. Thanks! It has given me quite a bit to think about :D

    Have a great week!
    ~Ricki Jill

  4. i know this feeling as well. sometimes it's hard to change something that has fallen into a routine. it takes work, which is what makes it difficult and sometimes unappealing. i am definitely a to-do list kind of person though.

  5. Was just talking about big and small decisions on my blog last week. I don't know if it's the change in seasons or what but I'm craving and feeling a big change, even though I love my life the way it is. I don't like chaos, I'm a list person.

  6. have a good week too :) and a lot of fun planning all of your changes!

  7. sweet. I'm like the weather too. one day organized, the other a mess, always with lists, but always ready to throw them out.

    change is possible, but it's not easy. in my experience lists don't do much, because to truly change you need a lot of time, you learn along the way, and so your lists need to constantly be updated...

    good luck though. and I hope you feel better soon :)

  8. I have the same feelings sometimes - life's too routine and moving too quickly. Its always good to remember that you can change your life whenever you please because its all up to you! Good luck with your new plans! Also, loving the photo in this post, as well!

  9. Im the type who always makes notes as I can only function when Im organized:) Happy Monday, sweetie

  10. i'm EXACTLY the same way. one day a list girl, the next is total chaos!

    good luck with everything!

  11. I am a combo dreamer/planner... meaning that I love to plan for my dreams which are a couple of years out there in the future!

    Knowing this about myself has taken some time, and I know that I need to focus on being in the moment more than others sometimes do.

    I really feel for you with the blues... it happens to all of us! xo

  12. I was just talking to my husband about this very same thing today!

  13. Dear all, thank you so much for being so kind and lovely to me. Thank you for these great and worm words!!! Really helps me out. I feel better now but have to think on the big plan!! :)

    BEST days for you :)


  14. Missed Periods - what a coincidence :) don't you think? :)

    And what kind of thoughts do you have on the topic?




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