Monday, February 28, 2011

love notes

I admire people who want and are able to talk about love and give some signs of love in their usual lifes. It's more magic than just to say it often and it is still saying it :) I think they have some special their own world. This is a base to built on it.  

Are you doing some love notes with your love-ones? What kind of?

photo from here & here


  1. Aw, how cute! I used to put notes in my kids' lunch boxes :D

  2. These are just so cute! I love them. I write notes to my roommate on our white board by the door :)

  3. These are adorable- I need to do this way more often!

  4. Yes, my husband and I always done this. We also have some blocks that we spell I love you with and we move them around the house every once and a while so the other person will be surprised when they see them. I use to put notes in my daughter's lunch box every day but she's all grown now. Sometimes I send her an email with just an inspirational image or quote so she knows she's on my mind at that moment. She texts me "love yous" - guess it's the modern way :)

  5. My Mum used to write me a different little note on my banana each day :) Still makes me smile now!

  6. Balazs and I leave little notes to eachother daily around the coffee machine. Its such a sweet little thing to make eachothers day more special:) Happy Tuesday, darling



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