Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 years' old

My baby will turn 3 on 3rd of July. I have an idea for the birthday party but it's a secret now :) However when I've read Joanna Goddard's post yesterday on Toby's Birthday I had some flash of insight. She wrote: 'The party was not only a special occasion for sweet Toby, but also for Alex and me, as first-time parents. It was a life-changing, whirlwind, chaotic, rollercoaster first year...and we survived!' And I've started to think about our family. I guess this is a survival experiment for the whole family. There are some interest and the most important person in the world - the child. And everything changes. Some of us are easy-adaptive some does not. So this is the survival. You are always exhausted. You don't sleep. You don't eat. You don't have a time. There is no You anymore as a one person. But also you are the only witness of your child who starts his or her adventure with life. This is worth of everything. However I understand why some families do not survive this time of emotional mixture.

What are your experiences? What is your opinion?

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  1. What great photos. Happy birthday to your little one -- and congrats to you for making it to this milestone with such a beautiful frame of mind! It's truly inspirational.

  2. thank you so much Katie! Milestone is a great word for this journey! :)
    Kisses! xo



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