Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do you love your place of living?

Love your city or place where you live? Maybe there is something interesting about it? Maybe you love just something about it and hate the rest? What are your feelings to the place where you spend the most of your time?

photo via b for bonnie


  1. What I love the most about my city, it's that it's not even big enough to call a city. Oh that it's also surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

  2. dear sunshine - I'm officialy jelous :)

    Dear Ricki - why you're sad?? I worry..

  3. Aw, I just moved out of the city that I lived in for 8 years. I sure as heck loved Baltimore, and can't wait to fall in love with Pittsburgh too!

  4. What a neat print! And I do love my city. I haven't always completely connected with where I was living in the past, so it feels good to be here now.

  5. I really enjoy my city for all the amazing places and busy, creative vibe! Have a great day, my dear

  6. I love my city for the summertime- it's so short and sweet and everyone tries to enjoy every minute of it! :)

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with my town.
    It's a great place to raise your kids, but it's not so great to be a young adult in.

    It tries so hard though! And so often fails miserably. But I do love it for trying ♥

    And I love the forest that surrounds it, and the beautiful coast line. I could never-ever live in a city were I couldn't see the sea, I'd go crazy!
    The people here are a bit cold, so are all Norwegians though, but then again there's the odd one out that smiles back when I smile at them. So I shouldn't be complaining at all, Larvik is a wonderful little town ♥



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