Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to keep romance going on?

I was inspired by Reese from Rambles with Reese to write this post. I don't know if you remember my post that was written exactly one month ago - Romantic Mood. It was about how it become more romantic again in my home. You've gave me so wonderful comments. Thank you very much for this.

Reese and Katie*Belle, however, made some comments on keeping up the romance in the relationship.I think I'm still learning it...
How you are doing this? Is it telling each other that you love another person or just smiling or maybe it's something else?



  1. I try to always be happy and smile whenever A comes in the door, not really that romantic maybe, but smiling always makes things better! Hehe :)

    I've read that kissing and touching is important to do everyday too, so at least one kiss each day ;) sometimes when A works a lot that's all we have time for.

  2. sweet post,

  3. Sweet! New experiences, I say. Go out to new places, learn new things together. New experiences and small surprises.

  4. It's such interesting timing that you posted this because I'm struggling with this lately. Sometimes it's so hard to stay synched up and connected, and these phases make me sad. I think my husband and I aren't doing enough fun, just because, out of the ordinary stuff together. It's like we need to physically step out of our normal routine to see each other for who we are -- and remember all the things we love about each other -- instead of only as the roles we inhabit every day. Maybe taking a little trip will help. If I figure anything out, I'll definitely let you know!

  5. Dear and Belle Katie :)

    Thank you for these words. I really understand you! I go through so much similar things. However, I believe, that if two people want to there is a light in the end of tunel. So I believe we do. And you?

    I think that this is so true - having same memories, having same time together, same activities outside the home helps to create something up on the usual life.




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