Saturday, January 1, 2011

do you have New Year's Resolution?

I really didn't have a time to think about it but of course I would like to have some resolutions to be better this year or to change something. But for now I did not come up with something so... maybe you had... any nice idea?

and I heart this photo (from here).


  1. What a beautiful image...wishing you a Happy New Year!!

  2. Thank you & Happy New Year!

    I decided to learn the names of things, like flowers and birds for example. And to be less grumpy!

    Have a great year :)

  3. Happy New Year! I am working on a post about my resolutions :)

  4. Hi.Happy new year to you too. Thanks 4 dropping ya! =)

  5. Happy new year!
    Yes, it's good timing to make some resolutions:)
    In fact I did; I'm not so sure if I will be able to achieve them, I'll try:)
    Good luck!



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