Thursday, January 6, 2011

those eyes!

I like the eyes as a human part. Eyes can tell you a lot of things. For example, what kind of person is one with certain eyes, what is his or her attitude to the life, if he/she is scared or proud or anything else, if he/she is happy with their life... I like that eyes can be really the mirror of human soul!

What part of human body do you like? and why?

These are great and so interesting. They electrify me...

foto: 1, 2 mine photo, 3, 4 mine photo, 5, 6 don't have a link, 7 the lil bee, 8,9 - National Geographic from here.


  1. I too love eyes- but my all time favorite are Tara's Smize :)

    PS Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Yes, the eyes say so much more than words can. I like hands, they usually tell a story.

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  4. this is what i notice first in a person.
    thank you for commenting on my blog!

  5. i find eyes to be very intriguing as well! i love twiggy's lashes as well


  6. my husband really likes people's hands. i like stomachs.

  7. I like feet, and lips. weird combination, I know...

  8. I recognize and associate people via their eyes. Interesting collection of photographs here.



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