Thursday, January 27, 2011

a little tour around the web-net :)

As I wrote earlier my baby-girl Mia was sick. Now she is even more sick but also I get some cold. So we are mostly curing with special teas with a huge amount of lemons and honey (tastes awesome!) and with some medicines... (not so good!) and staying in bed... So sorry for couple days I were off... I would make it up for you. So here's the list of interesting things you can read...

If you would like to bake something easy, nice, yummi and different here it is the pan-cookie. Looks great! :)

Really nice Krystal's photo from Sunday with a question... Maybe someone can help :)

I would really love the Spring right now and have these outfits... or these :)

If you're feeling chilli just cook this! I did - awesome!

Super amazing packaging... really creative :)

looking for the idea on cooking party invitation? These are so nice!

I love this colors palette and like the photo a lot!

I adore this wedding idea and the modern outfits... aren't they amazing together?

Great idea for sisters :) I don't have one but if I do I would really want to do this! :)

These '70 vibe-retro pants are just awesome :) don't you think?

If you want to listen something from this blog... Please do :)

Really nice dog-prints.

And... if you like typography... here are some interesting ones :)

Wish you all the great day Darlings!!!
...and please tell me what fantastic thing have you done or plan to do today? :)

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  1. oh I hope she gets better soon... :s Thanks for sharing all these links, I'll now check out some :)


  2. oh my goodness, that pan cookie looks AMAZING!

    Feel better soon!

  3. These are all great!! Thanks for linking my page! Hope you and your baby feel better soon;)

  4. Hi lovey! Thanks so much for including me :) Aren't the Good sisters so fun!! I actually have a baby sis and might just have to be a bad influence this once- dress up and cocktails here we come!

  5. Fantastic list of great blog finds! Hope health is on the way :)

  6. great list of links. hope you guys feel better soon. lots of love from london... :)

  7. aw, thank you! I am liking your links :)

  8. Aww, hope you guys feel better! I will def check out that chili recipe.

  9. Hope you and your little one will feel better soon and thank you for the link back:) So sweet of you:) Have a cozy Sunday, darling

  10. What a fantastic roundup, and that was so sweet of you to link to my blog. Thank you! I hope you feel better soon!

  11. great links! this post made my lunch break fun!



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