Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea... Apple Tea... Tea is great!

What do you like more? Coffee or tea? And why?
I like tea more. Especially with lemon, honey and ginger. Sometimes with raspberry juice or some fruits (orange, apple etc.).

However, I like coffee also so much, but I cannot drink coffee so many times during the day. I like things made from coffee or with coffee. I love the smell of coffee... mmmm... :)

What about you?

photos from here :)


  1. For me tea is a more gentle delight and coffee provides the necessary kick to boost me over the mid-morning and afternoon slumps.

    These are a few of my favourite teas at the moment:


    Felicity x

  2. Tea helps me relax, especially herb tea. Right now, I'm hooked on ginger tea - it's made from grated ginger, lemon, honey, clove and cinnamon - yum!
    I like coffee as well, but it isn't really an energizer for me, it's the other way makes me I weird or what? :D
    Love, Andrea

  3. I LOVE both coffee and tea, but agree with you--it depends on the time of day.

  4. Those are such a pretty prints...I like both..In the morning I usually go with cup of coffee but later in the day I drink tons of tea..I love green tea
    Hugs and kisses, my dear

  5. I like both - although I am more picky when it comes to tea. I like coffee in the morning, but tea as an afternoon snack :)

  6. A chai tea latte is the best thing ever. Hands down! :)

  7. coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and evening. I couldn't pick just one ;)


  8. I love love love tea and pretty much don't like coffee at all, ha! I've always liked the saying "make tea, not war"! : )

  9. Like that so many people like tea :) coffee is also great but there is not so many spots where you can buy special tea to go... and Andrea... you're not weird.. have the same thing - coffee makes me sleepy!



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