Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my mornings

Have a nice day Lovlies!!!

What do you like about your mornings? I love two things.
First is a silence when I wake up. I wake up as a first one in our home. This is a time for me to be alone at home. But I have to be really quiet :) I can have  amoment with my thoughts, with my mind, simply with myself.
And the other thing is when I wake up my babygirl... I look at her and she gives me so great and stunning smile. And I feel love all over me. She hugs me and tells me "Mummy... hello! I love you!". This is bliss for my day.

And what about you?

foto from here.


  1. What a beautiful post...I too have children and they are my world!!! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  2. What a very cool blog you have!! I also like the quiet before the storm of the day:)

  3. Thanks for your lovely visit at my blog <3 I don't have any children yet, but I have a 7-year-old sister and very often she wakes me up by jumping into my bed and sneaking under my cover...I can tell you it's not pleasant at all, because she always has incredibly cold feet :)
    But I love early mornings in the spring and summer and autumn, especially when there is fog - foggy mornings promise mystery and great adventure ahead! At least for me :)
    Love, Andrea

  4. That sounds like a super nice morning indeed. :) Thank you for sharing.
    Mornings are actually something I have to work on. I'm wanting to wake up earlier than I currently do and go for a morning walk and read a bit before most of the others wake up.

  5. What a lovely morning! Well, I'm trying to get in the habit of sitting quietly on my yoga mat for about 10-15 minutes, and really tune in with my surroundings. It's helped me feel calmer throughout the day. I hope this habit sticks!

    Dreaming of Palm Trees

  6. I love those quiet mornings when I can just relax and get ready for the rush:) That is such a sweet post
    Hugs and kisses

  7. I'm so inspired that you take the time to appreciate these quiet and wonderful moments in the morning. Today as I was still in bed, I worried about how hard it might be to get up early when we have kids. You completely turned my perspective around on this with your words -- thank you so much!

  8. Katie... thanks~! and yoes you can do more with your mornings as long as you want to get up... whem I want to sleep I don't have time for my own then... :)



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